Ceremony of Awards 2015


October 28th, 2015

Le Quartz - Congrès Brest

60 Rue du Château

BP 91039

29210 Brest Cedex - France



Welcome addresses by
the President of the European Academy of Sciences,
Ceremony of Awards,
Lecture of the Leonardo da Vinci Medallist 2015
 and Blaise Pascal Medallists 2015
Programme of the
Ceremony of Awards
Morning Session (room "Commission 2")

09:00-09:05 am: Welcome by Pascal Gente , Vice-President of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale


09:05-09:15 am: Welcome address by Prof. Claude Debru, President of the European Academy of Sciences


Chairman of the session: Prof. Pierre Braunstein, Head of the Chemistry Division


09:15-09:20 am: Introduction by Professor Pierre Braunstein


09:20-09:40 am: Prof. Herbert Roesky, Blaise Pascal Medal in Chemistry

                            Lecture: "Some highlights of Main Group Chemistry"


09:40-09:50 am: introduction by Professor Antonio Camacho, Head of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division


09:50-10:10 am: Prof. Christos Zerefos, Blaise Pascal Medal in Earth Sciences, in Atmospheric Physics

                            Lecture: "Our Environment and Art"


10:10-10:30 am:  Prof. Corinne Le Quéré, Blaise Pascal Medal in Earth Sciecnes, in Climate Change studies and policies

                             Lecture: "Drivers of recent trends in the carbon cycle and implications for climate change"


10:30-11:00 am:  Coffee Break


11:00-11:05 am: introduction by Professor Nick Serpone, Head of the Materials Science Division


11:05-11:25 am: Prof. Ulrike Diebold, Blaise Pascal Medal in Materials Science

                            Lecture: "Surfaces of Metal Oxides, studied at the Atomic Scale"


11:25-11:30 am: introduction by Prof. Benoit Perthame, Head of the Mathematics Division


11:30-11:50 am: Prof. Luis Vega, Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics

                            Lecture: "The Talbot effect and the evolution of vortex filaments"


11:50-11:55 am: introduction by Prof. Paul Lecoq, Officer of the Scientific Committee of the Physics Division


11:55-12:15 am: Prof. Manuel Garcia Velarde, Blaise Pascal Medal in Physics

                            Lecture: "Fluid Physics and Interfacial Phenomena"


12:15-12:20 am: introduction by Prof. Georges Van Den Abbeele, Officer of the Scientific Committee of the Social Sciences Division


12:20-12:40 am: Prof. Martin Carrier, Blaise Pascal Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities

                            Lecture: "Methodological challenges of the commercialization of scientific research"


12:40-12:55 am: Photos of the Awardees of the Blaise Pascal Medals and Academicians


01:00-02:30 pm : Lunch Break


Afternoon Session (room "Commission 2")


Chairman of the session: Professor Claude Debru, President of EURASC


02:30-03:00 pm: Awards of the project "Jeunes reporters des Arts, des Sciences et de l’Environnement" organised by Océanopolis and the Rectorat de l'Académie de Rennes


Two coaches  in the direction of the Faculty of Sciences and to the Campus of the Sea (Technopole Brest-Iroise)


03:00-06:00 pm: Scientific discussions, round-table and visits of scientific facilities at the Faculté des Sciences (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) and at  the Campus de la Mer (Europôle Mer : Ifremer and IUEM)


               - Faculté des Sciences/Mathématiques : Prof. Benoît Perthame (Mathematics Division of EURASC) : seminar with  UMR 6205 (cf. Benoit Saussol, Fac. Sciences, UBO)


              - Faculté des Sciences/Chimie : Prof. Pierre Braunstein and Prof. Lacène Ouhab (Chemistry Division of EURASC) : seminar with UMR 6521 (cf. Yves Le Mest, Fac. Sciences, UBO)


              - Europôle Mer (Campus de la Mer) : Prof. Antonio Camacho (Earth and Environmental Sciences Divsion of EURASC) and other academicians : visit of facilities at the Ifremer and at the IUEM

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